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Three pillars of Good Investment

Good Investment means going beyond the pursuit of high returns. James Corah explains our investment philosophy through three principles: we act as an agent for change, we assess ESG risks, and we invest in a way that is aligned with our clients.

Automation and digitalisation

Whilst the use of robotics and automation is not a new trend in itself, what we have been witnessing in recent years is a true acceleration in the pace of adoption of smarter solutions across a much wider range of sectors. Romain Mouquet discusses why we favour leaders in this field.

Momentous ruling by the UK High Court

A new High Court judgement has ruled on trustees’ ability to align their investments with their charities’ values. The judgment has clarified that trustees 'need to' undertake a balancing exercise between maximising their returns and avoiding investments that could contradict their aims. We believe that this ruling should make trustees more confident in their ability to align their investments with their charitable missions. However, we do not believe that they necessarily have to sacrifice returns to achieve this.


Semiconductors are used in the manufacturing of an increasing number of products, from toys and televisions to fridges and microwaves. Helen Luong talks through why we like this structural trend and how we get exposure to various parts of the value chain.

Our equity investment process

We aim to preserve as well as increase our clients’ capital so our analysis seeks quality companies positioned to benefit from future growth.

The changing face of UK property portfolios

Gerard Williams explains how our to investment in retail property has changed dramatically because of online shopping, but nothing similar is expected in the office sector.