Policies and reports

CCLA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and follows its rules and regulations to protect investors.

We have rigorous controls across the business and take a structured and consistent approach to audit and risk management.

There is effective governance over the management of the funds, as the three major fund groups each have their own board of directors that hold us to account every quarter on behalf of their respective client groups. They have a number of responsibilities that include setting and subsequently advising on the investment objectives of the funds, monitoring performance, service and agreeing the fees charged by the funds.

Furthermore, the CCLA Investment Management Limited (CCLA IM) and CCLA Fund Managers Limited (CCLA FM) boards are considered to have the appropriate balance of skills, experience, independence and knowledge of the company to carry out their fiduciary duties and responsibilities effectively.

The non-executive directors for CCLA IM are: 

  • Richard Horlick (Chairman)
  • Ann Roughead
  • Chris West
  • Christine Johnson
  • Jonathan Jesty
  • Julia Hobart

The non-executive directors for CCLA FM are: 

  • Jonathan Bailie (Chairman)
  • Nicholas Mcleod-Clarke
  • Rebecca Fuller

Our clients’ interests are also overseen by HSBC Bank plc. As the trustee of our funds and custodian, they provide safekeeping, daily oversight, monitoring and asset verification services.

Climate Action

We are committed to accelerating the transition to a net-zero emissions economy and protecting the value of our clients’ portfolios during the transition.

Find it, Fix it, Prevent it, Annual Report

Find it, Fix it, Prevent it’ is an investor‑led, multi-stakeholder project designed to harness the power of the investment community to increase the effectiveness of corporate actions against modern slavery.