Mental health charter

Our most important resource are our people. They define how we deliver our purpose. In return CCLA provides a supportive and stable working environment. CCLA strives to build and maintain a culture aligned to the positive mental health of all our people. 

CCLA aims to be an inspiring, positive and fulfilling place to work, and we want everyone to feel able to contribute, to be productive, to be engaged, to be respected, and to be happy.

CCLA will:

  • work towards eliminating stigma by encouraging an open and welcoming environment where mental health is discussed in a positive and non‑judgemental way
  • provide information and services needed to support good mental health for all employees
  • recognise that everyone has mental health, that maintaining good mental health can be a challenge and empower employees to manage and prioritise their own mental health and to support one another
  • put mental wellbeing on a par with physical health
  • ensure that mental health support is provided confidentially, with respect, and dignity
  • treat people fairly and with humanity, and celebrate diversity in all its forms
  • provide a psychologically safe workplace by fostering an inclusive culture, free of discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • be open and responsive to requests for flexible working and job adjustment to support good employee mental health and prevent ill health
  • regularly monitor our performance, assess progress and take action to improve how we support our most important asset, our people.

CCLA commits to all its people to be a workplace where individuals can achieve their potential, cope with daily pressures, thrive and be productive.