COIF Charities Deposit Fund

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Latest yield

As at 19 Jul 2024 5.0285% (5.1460% AEY)
For balances over £15m 5.1285% (5.2508% AEY)

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Key facts

Launch date
March 1985
Minimum initial investment
Minimum subsequent investment
Dealing day
Daily before 9.30am

Fund overview

A UK Common Deposit Fund managed by CCLA that offers the substantial benefits of cooperation between charities. A short-term fund, designed for the charity sector. Under the Money Market Fund Regulation, the COIF Charities Deposit Fund is categorised as a short-term Low Volatility Net Asset Value Money Market Fund.

Fund objective

The fund aims to provide a high level of capital security and a competitive yield.

Fund policy

We monitor our counterparties' environmental, social and governance risk management on a regular basis; and take further action if necessary. Our research is based on external data sources and the work of our Sustainability team.

Fund suitability

Suitable for all of a charity’s short-term investments where they are seeking a high level of capital security and a competitive yield.

Who can invest?

Any charitable organisation defined within the meaning of the Charities Act 2011 can invest in the fund, provided its powers permit.

Fund documents

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Whether you are a new investor to CCLA or topping up an existing account, please ensure you read the scheme particulars and key information document (KID). The KID can help investors understand the nature, risks, costs, potential gains and losses of the fund, and compare the fund with other products.

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Risk warning

In addition to the general risk factors outlined in the scheme particulars, depositing charities should also note that making deposits in the COIF Charities Deposit Fund is not the same as making a deposit with a bank or other deposit taking body and is not a guaranteed investment. Although it is intended to maintain a constant net asset value, there can be no assurance that it will be maintained. Notwithstanding the policy of investing in short-term instruments, the value of the deposits may also be affected by fluctuations in interest rates. The COIF Charities Deposit Fund does not rely on external support for guaranteeing the liquidity of the fund or stabilising the net asset value. The risk of loss of principal is borne by the depositing charity.