CCLA Better World Global Equity Fund

Key facts

Launch date
April 2022
Unit types
Minimum investment class C
Minimum investment class I
£20 million
Dealing day
Every business day
Dilution adjustment on net subscription
Dilution adjustment on net redemption

Fund overview

Fund objective

Aims to provide a total return (the combination of capital growth and income) over the long-term (defined as any rolling period of five years) and is managed in line with CCLA’s approach to investing for a better world as outlined in CCLA’s Better World policy. 

Fund suitability

This fund is suitable for all types of investors, with basic investment knowledge, seeking to invest in an actively managed fund pursuing the investment objective and policy of the fund. Investors should be looking to invest for at least five years and should appreciate that their capital will be at risk and that the value of their investment and any derived income may fall as well as rise.

Who can invest?

Individuals can invest via their independent financial adviser, investment platforms or other intermediaries.

Fund policy

The fund is actively managed and will invest at least 80% of its assets (directly or indirectly) in equities from around the world. It will normally have significant allocations to developed markets but may also invest in emerging markets (as defined by MSCI for the purposes of its developed markets indexes). Up to 20% may be in a range of other investments including: fixed/floating interest securities (also known as bonds) issued by governments and their agencies and by companies and other issuing bodies, infrastructure related assets (indirectly), money-market instruments, cash and near cash investments.

Fund documents

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Whether you are a new investor to CCLA or topping up an existing account, please ensure you read the prospectus and key investor information document (KIID). The KIID can help investors understand the nature, risks, costs, potential gains and losses of the fund, and compare the fund with other products. 

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