CCLA Investment Seminar – Exeter

Thursday 30 November 

Sandy Park, Sandy Park Way, Exeter EX2 7NN

12.30 – 6.00pm

The 2023 Investment Seminar Series is designed to enable you to do more than just meet your obligations in managing your charity. We hope that the knowledge and insights, shared in a practical and accessible way, and the opportunity to learn from the experience of others, will help you make the best use of your investments in an environment of significant change.


12.30 Registration and buffet lunch
13.30 Seminar start, welcome and introductions
13.40 Stewardship update - acting for change 
14.15 Economics backdrop - what's been driving investment markets? 
14.45 Refreshment break
15.15 Asset class focus - cash, bonds, alternatives 
15.35 Asset class focus - commercial property 
15.50 Update on CCLA multi-asset funds 
16.30 Drinks reception