'Better Environment' Lead

This role reports to the Head of Sustainability. It is required to lead stewardship programmes under the theme of ‘Better Environment’ and to contribute to and lead aspects of our climate change theme. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Developing CCLA’s ‘Better Environment’ stewardship theme in a way that leads to clear improvements in the actions of the companies in which we invest. This will include:
    •  Development of, or participation in, an active ownership programme (either corporate or public policy) under the theme of ‘better environment’ that fits CCLA’s desire to be a catalyst for action on underserved activities in the investment industry
    • The creation of a specific ‘check list’ of ‘better environment’ indicators against which investee and potential investee companies can be assessed and engaged
    • The identification of a small number of third-party operated initiatives to support that add breadth to CCLA’s ‘Better Environment’ programme
  • Developing CCLA’s ‘environmental’ minimum standards for investee companies and to support the integration of ‘Better Environment’ themes into CCLA’s investment process   
  • To support and lead aspects of CCLA’s ‘Better Climate’ stewardship programme as agreed by the Head of Sustainability and fitting with the activities of the Director, Climate Stewardship
  • To support CCLA’s position as a signatory to the Net Zero Asset Manager’s Initiative and Transition Planning through the provision of technical support across all, directly and indirectly, managed asset classes.
  • To effectively record all actions and communicate them within CCLA to facilitate effective reporting.
  • Working with CCLA’s Market Development Team in building presentations, events and collateral that helps CCLA maximise the marketing potential of the company’s ‘Better Environment’ and ‘Better Climate’ activity
  • To conduct other tasks as required by the Sustainability team in line with the roles working hours

General Responsibilities & Accountabilities

To operate in a fashion that supports and is in accordance with the aims, strategy and mode of operation of the Company.

To work effectively and cooperatively with all other Company employees, customers and counterparties.


If you would like to see the full job description, please email recruitment@ccla.co.uk.

If you are interested in applying please send a copy of your up to date CV to recruitment@ccla.co.uk stating your current salary and notice period.

Please note, CCLA does not accept CVs from recruitment agencies unless we have actively engaged on a specific position. Any CVs submitted in this manner will be disregarded.