Client Consultation: What is Good Investment?

Tuesday 14 June 2022, 9.30am–11.00am

CCLA periodically consults investors to ensure that our products continue to meet clients' investment priorities. We are hosting a series of conversational sessions throughout March, April and June in which we will bring the sector together to identify the issues that matter most and agree how we can deliver Good Investment.

What do we mean by Good Investment?
A group of blind men encounter an elephant for the first time. Each touches one part of it and describes what it is.
One, the trunk, supposing it a thick snake.
One, the ear, adamant it is a fan.
One, the leg, sure it is a tree trunk.
One, the body, unmistakably a wall.
One, the tail, positive it’s a rope.
One, the tusk, concluding it to be a polished spear.
This ancient parable, originating from India and dating from around 500BC, has many alternate endings. In one, the men come to blows, unable to settle their disagreements of opinion. In others, they collaborate, and visualise the reality.
2,500 years later…
Describing the principle of ‘good investment’ is much the same.
To collaborate.
To strive for a more sustainable world.
To fund communities.
To visualise a shared, hopeful, better reality.

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